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Genre: Attractions

Location: 210 E. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89104


Escape Rooms in Vegas have become one of the most popular things to do lately. What’s not to love about grabbing a group of friends together (or making new ones) while you’re trying to escape for your life in a locked room? Seriously folks. There’s nothing quite like a sense of panic to make you bond quickly with those nearby, regardless of how long you’ve actually known the person!

AmeriEscape is Vegas’s newest offering for the escape room craze. Packed with a bevy of options to make your mind scramble, bring you’re “A” Game to the party because it’s time to have some fun. For those folks who have never done an escape room before, well then you are in for a treat. Escape Rooms are basically a game that that not only requires your body and mind, but every ounce of common sense and probability solving that you can muster.

First off, you’ll be put into a room where you must solve puzzling details in order to … well, escape. (That’s why it’s called an Escape Room, lol). Armed with nothing but your wits, you (and your new team of best friends & homies) will have a series of objectives to complete in order to actually escape the room through clues and strategic hints. It’s actually amazing how proactive people can become when the pressure is on. There’s nothing like having your freedom at stake to see how smart people really are.

There’s a few ‘room-themes’ to choose from that add to the excitement: AXE Raiders will have you sorting through clues in order to unearth the “Tomb of Pharaoh Tanutamon” and in the CXI room, you’ll be paired with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for a scientifically-superior task that requires the best of the best in order to accomplish. There’s a few more options to explore, depending on your taste in escape room adventure so rest assured you’ll be challenged.

Either way, it’s a cool way to spend a couple hours off The Strip that will demand brain cell activity and help you regain your sensibilities if by chance you spend too much time poolside under the Vegas sun.

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