Buffalo Wild Wings

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The popular chain is known for their signature hand-spun wings and a huge selection of cold beer. With wall-to-wall live sports, this casual dining restaurant is literally everyone’s favorite local sports bar. With burgers, wraps, salads, ‘shareables,’ a kid’s menu and 16 different sauces to choose from for all those wings, there is something to please everyone at Buffalo Wild Wings.

What started almost 40 years ago as a wing joint in Ohio by a couple of guys from Buffalo, New York, has taken flight and swept the nation with their savory chicken wings of every variety.

With wall-to-wall flat screens to catch every game, fight or sporting event, this is where you want to spend your Sundays. Or your Tuesday- and just let it feel like Sunday. You can meet your friends here or just make some new ones, it really doesn’t matter because when it comes to Buffalo Wild Wings because everyone here is pretty much committed to having a good time.

We think it’s due to the combination of three simple ingredients: sports, chicken wings and beer. It’s not very complicated therefore it’s imperative that each of these components is executed with the utmost reverence and respect.

The wings are legendary and have an undeniably great recipe. There are a million choices for sauces to smother, lather and lick off your fingertips. Well, not a million. But it you add into the equation the options to put the sauce on the wings or on the side, plus the option to choose all flats or all drums, and then you add in the variables of 16 sauces—well, it certainly feels like you have a million options.

Plus there’s the fried sides like fried pickles, fried potato wedges and fried french fries. Yes, that’s a little redundant to mention that the fries are fried but at this point, it’s important to emphasize that you really can’t have too much of a good thing at Buffalo Wild Wings. We’ll meet you there.

Enjoy 15% off your check at Buffalo Wild Wings on Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood.

Restaurant Info

Cuisine: Burger
Location: Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

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Buffalo Wild Wings