Cheffini’s Hot Dogs

Naked Dog & Soft Drink for $5.00 + tax (Includes 2 toppings and sauces)

Cheffini’s Hot Dogs takes hot dogs to whole other level with their menu of gourmet dogs, delicious sides and signature sauces. Try original favorites like “El Mexicano” or the Japanese flavored “Moshi-Moshi.” Get adventurous with the “Panchero” that’s topped with chorizo bits or the “Grandfather” which includes pork belly and red bell peppers.The “Classic Cheffini’s” includes their signature grilled frankfurter , topped with onions, mozzarella, jalapeños,  crushed potato chips and a tangy pineapple sauce.

Indulge in sauces like their inventive cherry pepper relish or the chipotle Guava. For more traditional flavors, try the spicy mayo or one of their aioli sauces infused with basil or garlic. Must-try sides includes the  Salchipapa which is deep fried hot dog bits topped with sauce. Other menu specializes include their Loaded fries and empanadas, making  Cheffini’s anything but  another boring hot dog joint.

And to shake off that Vegas heat, indulge in a fresh milk shake or one of their craft beers on draft. Located in the hip area of Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas, this is the kind of place you are glad you discovered.

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Location: Downtown Container Park

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Cheffini’s Hot Dogs