David Copperfield
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Genre: Magic Shows

Location: MGM Grand


Perhaps the most famous magician in the world, David Copperfield has walked through the Wall of China, levitated across the Grand Canyon, and made the Statue of Liberty disappear in front of a stunned live national television audience. Everything he does is epic, a philosophy he illustrates in his Las Vegas show at The MGM Grand.

Copperfield pulls out all the stops for his Las Vegas residency show, performing a mix of illusions that includes levitation, locking himself in a box that shrinks to seemingly impossible sizes, predicting “lottery numbers” onstage, making audience members disappear into thin air, and a variation on his legendary Great Wall of China trick in which he walks through a solid metal sheet, all of which he performs with the signature flair of a lifelong showman.

Unlike many other spectacles, the David Copperfield Magic Show doesn’t employ dancing showgirls or other gimmicks onstage, trusting that his amazing illusions and years of showbiz experience will speak for themselves. Copperfield gets the audience involved throughout the show, pulling volunteers from the crowd during almost every illusion and performing in the aisles, right in front of lucky guests.

The world-famous magician has been astounding audiences since he was 12 years old, when he first started performing magic professionally. He was the youngest person ever admitted to the prestigious Society of American Magicians, and was teaching a class on magic at New York University by 16. In college, he starred in the musical “The Magic Man,” which led to his first TV gig as the host of “The Magic of ABC.” Following the success of his first network showcase, he hosted a series of specials for CBS called “The Magic of David Copperfield,” which have been shown in over 40 countries, helped him win a record 21 Emmys, and made him an international star. When he’s not performing in Las Vegas, he’s selling out theaters all over the world. Copperfield is such an internationally recognized icon that he became the first living illusionist to be featured on stamps from four different countries.

Copperfield is probably the world’s best known magician, and though he spends much of his time selling out theaters all over the world and making television appearances, he has somehow magically found the time to turn his show at The MGM Grand into a Las Vegas staple. Without the aid of gimmicks or distractions like dancing show girls, his large-scale illusions have come to define the kind of spectacle Sin City is best known for.

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