GoJump Skydiving
Go Jump Sky Diving Las Vegas
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Genre: Attractions

Location: Jean, Nevada


Imagine yourself thousands of feet in the air, staring out over beautiful desert vistas. Above you, nothing but sky. Below, breathtaking mountains and the impending leap followed by the indescribable descent to the earth in one of the most thrilling experiences known to mankind. This is skydiving and GoJump Skydiving invites you to take the plunge and experience the ultimate thrill.

GoJump is Las Vegas’ premiere skydiving attraction, offering
exhilarating skydiving experiences coupled with superior comfort, safety and
expertise. Go Jump uses state-of –the-art safety equipment and safety protocols
to ensure a relaxed, comfortable and absolutely safe jump every time. Our veteran
jumping instructors have logged thousands of jumps, and will teach you
everything you need to know to have an amazing tandem skydiving experience.

The sky is waiting, it’s time you and your group took excitement
to the next level, and embark on the ultimate thrill. No ground-based
attraction or ride can compare to the intense thrill of jumping out of a plane
and weightlessly falling to the earth from tens of thousands of feet in the
air. It’s breathtaking, amazing, and absolutely safe – and it’s waiting for you
at Las Vegas’ premiere skydiving experience – GoJump Skydiving!

Xterious Escape