Matt Goss
Matt Goss Live in Las Vegas

Genre: Concerts

Location: The Mirage


Crooner Matt Goss has taken a classic style of Las Vegas entertainment, the lounge show, and updated it so it’s sexy and modern. The former lead singer for the British Pop band Bros., who sold more than 17 million albums worldwide back in the 80’s and early 90’s, has reinvented himself as the modern Sinatra in his intimate weekend performances at Caesars Palace.

Cleopatra’s Barge, shaped like the mythical ship and one of the original Vegas “ultra-lounges,” is renamed The Gossy Room on weekend evenings, when the blue-eyed singer (whose nickname is “The Voice”) hits the stage. This intimate venue, which seats about 175 people around candlelit tables, was remodeled in honor of the performer and given new velvet curtains and carpeting. Cocktail waitresses in long black gowns bring you drinks as you soak in the classy vibe.

When Gossy takes the stage, his dapper attire, charming swagger, and blue eyes will immediately remind you of one of the greatest Vegas entertainers of them all, and the star doesn’t shy away from the Sinatra comparisons. Backed by a nine piece band featuring a swinging horn section, the singer belts out a mix of his original songs and sexy-lounge covers of hits like Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition,” The Eagles “Hotel California,” and, of course, Ol’ Blue Eyes classics like “Luck Be A Lady” and “I’ve Got The World On A String.”

The show was co-created by Robin Antin, the mastermind behind The Pussycat Dolls, so it should come as no surprise that the handsome crooner is backed by The Dirty Virgins, a sexy (and scantily clad) group made up of two beautiful backup singers and four burlesque dancers. Both Goss and the ladies take their acts out into the crowd throughout the intimate show, giving audience members a little thrill to go with the music.

After each performance, Gossy sticks around to take pictures and have a couple cocktails with his fans. Don’t leave once the star is done, because you can stick around in the Gossy room for an after-party, with a DJ spinning hot tracks and plenty of dancing.

Matt Goss has pulled off what seems almost impossible… he’s turned an old fashioned form of entertainment, the lounge-singer act, and made it modern, sexy and cool. Sinatra would be proud.

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