The Mob Museum
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Genre: Attractions

Location: Downtown Las Vegas


What do you get when you bring the history of organized crime and their epic battles with law enforcement to life in an iconic former Vegas courthouse downtown?

You get, what else, The Mob Museum.

The comprehensive and deadly serious National Museum of Organized Crime & Law Enforcement, better known simply as The Mob Museum, is an extraordinary Vegas find that entertains, educates and, frankly, often shocks visitors with the visceral experiences it creates.

With interactive exhibits that tell both sides of every story and let visitors experience history from either side of the law, it’s not only fascinating… but fun.

It’s the insider’s view of true events that makes each exhibit so captivating. From the early days of the Mob in America to their current, 21st century shenanigans, Organized Crime has changed but it is most definitely alive and well. Visitors get a first hand look at exactly how these criminal enterprises have evolved and how they have shaped and still influence many facets of American culture and society.

Created as a non-profit organization, the museum is a repository of history, evidence, artifacts and information where both law enforcement and the underworld have their say. The result is an aspect of American history so alive it’s both deeply disturbing and truly thrilling.

The Exhibits

With exhibits focused on everything from Vegas to Hollywood to weapons, massacres and stand-offs as well as the most infamous underworld figures of the century, there something here for everyone.

The exhibit on wire-tapping and surveillance techniques offers visitors a chance to listen in on actual wire taps from notorious cases. It’s an incredible opportunity to venture into the heart of the action with undercover FBI agents as they share the often perilous dangers of infiltrating The Mob.

There are hundreds of different artifacts on display to explore and uncover throughout the museum’s many exhibits.

Dying to get into the action? How about trying your hand at the Simulated Law Enforcement Weapons’ Training exhibit? You’ll enter a simulated environment to test your skills and it’s your reflexes that make the difference between life and death. Will you score one for the good guys?

If good guys aren’t your thing, don’t worry. The Mob Museum has no shortage of artifacts from history’s most wanted. Gun lovers and historians alike will relish getting up close and personal with legendary guns ranging from Joe Boananno’s sawed off shotgun to the infamous Thompson submachine gun (aka the Tommy Gun) that was such a favorite of 1920s-30s mobsters it sparked the National Firearms Act.

For those who like a more glamorous take on these tales, the Hollywood & the Mob exhibit doesn’t disappoint. From long before The Godfather to long after Tony Soprano, this exhibit entertains while exploring the cinematic relationship with some of the greatest underworld characters on screen.

An easy add to your Freemont Street experience in Downtown Las Vegas, The Mob Museum is an unforgettable and worthwhile attraction that you’ll only find here in Las Vegas.

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