Tipsy Robot

Buy One Drink at Robot Bar, Receive a Free Drink at Human Bar

Imagine traveling into the future where robots perform all the most important functions of society. Like bartending.

Think about it. It’s incredibly necessary to make sure that drinks are properly mixed, shaken, stirred and served otherwise chaos could ensue. Well at the Tipsy Robot, rest assure that the future has arrived.

Using two robotic bartenders, the Tipsy Robot serves creative concoctions like the ‘Time Machine’ and the ‘Silver Satellite’ that are sure to launch your evening into the fun zone. Be transported with inventive drinks like the ‘Deep Space Brew,’ a blend of vodka, amaretto and coffee liqueur or the gin-infused ‘Cosmic Cucumber.’ The ‘Droid of Dublin’ is a fine mix of Jameson, amaretto and Tres Agaves Sour & Mint.

This ‘robotic bar’ is considered to be the first of it’s kind in the world. Created by an iconic leader in the industry, along with recipes from a famed mixologist, the Tipsy Robot is a brew of galactic proportions.

Perfectly situated at the center of the Las Vegas Strip along what’s known as the fifty-yard line, the Tipsy Robot is the perfect spot to get your drink on. The Tipsy Robot serves cocktails, shots, draft beer, canned beer and also has non-alcoholic drinks.

Although the robots don’t get a tip per se, it’s important to still be nice to those with artificial intelligence. We aren’t sure if Rosie, the maid from the Jetson’s will appear if you spill your drink but nonetheless, enjoy your time traveling.

Restaurant Info

Cuisine: Pub
Location: Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

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Tipsy Robot