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Genre: Production Shows

Location: Saxe Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood


VEGAS! THE SHOW, playing at The Saxe Theater in The Miracle Mile Shops in The Planet Hollywood Resort, is an ambitious Broadway-style production that pays loving homage to and tells the story of Sin City itself. Las Vegas has long been known for variety shows, musical revues featuring gorgeous showgirls, and Broadway-style productions packed to the gills with spectacle, but VEGAS! THE SHOW is the first show of its kind that is actually about the city itself. VEGAS! THE SHOW takes all showmanship, glitz, and glamour that transformed a town in the middle of the desert into the entertainment capital of the world and rolls it into one spectacular night of entertainment.

A huge cast of 40 performers, including dancers, singers, a 14 piece big band orchestra and a beautiful group of showgirls tell the story of iconic moments from Vegas history and pay tribute to the legendary entertainers that defined Sin City showmanship. With elaborate production numbers that pay loving homage to Elvis, the Rat Pack, Tom Jones, Gladys Knight, and Louis Prima, the show is reverential about the classic acts from the long and storied history of Las Vegas. But that doesn’t mean the spectacular show feels old fashioned for even a minute… a great selection of current hits are sprinkled in along with the classic numbers, all of which are given a contemporary twist.

The choreography is up to the minute and edgy, the set design is a retro-cool representation of The Strip skyline over the years, and the dancing showgirls are drop dead gorgeous. The show has so much style and energy that even classic showbiz chestnuts like tap-dancing and the Can Can feel fresh and new. This is what happens when a classic form of Vegas entertainment is taken into the modern age… and used to salute the very city itself.

VEGAS! THE SHOW has a grand ambition: to become nothing less than the official show of Las Vegas. The producers want it to become essential viewing for all Sin City visitors. With its large scale production numbers, gorgeous showgirls, Vegas-centric sets, perfectly balanced blend of old-school and modern entertainment and, most importantly, its celebration of everything that makes Vegas…VEGAS!, you’d be a fool to bet against the producers pulling it off. VEGAS! THE SHOW is the ultimate expression of everything that’s big, fun, seductive, and sexy about Sin City entertainment. Viva VEGAS! THE SHOW.

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