Virgil’s Real BBQ

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Virgil’s Real Barbecue takes you on a culinary tour of fine southern barbecue.
To the uninitiated, all BBQ may seem the same… but we’ll have none of that kind of thinking when it comes to Virgil’s. This is where you will receive a first-class education on how classical barbecue should taste, smell and be savored.

Virgil’s authenticity is why it’s considered to be one of the top ten BBQ restaurants in the nation. That kind of authenticity can not be imitated. With a die-hard following at their other locations in New York and the Bahamas, the Las Vegas outpost delivers on the same golden standard they are known and loved for.

From classics like Pulled Pork, Georgia Fried Steak, Kansas City Fried Chicken, Texas Beef Memphis, Smoked Pork Spare Ribs and their Trash Riblets, you may need to come back a few times during your visit to Vegas so you can try everything. They do have a ‘Pig Out’ Platter which as it’s name suggests, might make you feel like a pig while you are in fact eating it.

The secret to their perfection comes down to the virtue of patience. It takes something like ten hours of slow-cooking to get the meat to the desired savory tenderness. This sure ain’t fast food.

Using a proprietary blend of wood to achieve that hickory, oaky yet fruity flavor, Virgil’s Real BBQ is the real deal.

Enjoy 20% off your entire check. Excluding Alcohol

Restaurant Info

Cuisine: American
Location: Linq Promenade

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Virgil’s Real BBQ